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Vande Book breaking the door, Masakue is red, 10 Manchester United Games 1-4 Lost Waterford

  • 2021-11-24 20:26:26 |
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23:00 November 20th, Beijing time, 12 rounds of Premier League, Manchester United was a guest challenge Wateford.

A fee of the competition, B fee incorrectly, McComai has closed the opponent's forward play player Joshujin when the main referee was sentenced.

In the 12 minutes of the competition, C Luo balls were incorporated into the restricted area, and small angle shots were successfully blocked by defense players.

During the competition 22 minutes, Losa has opened the corner and the journal was successfully blocked by Marcel in a restricted area.

On 28 minutes of the game, Manchester United was not far away. Dennis came back to the left of the penalty area. Joshua-Gold Front Bag is broken directly, Waterford 1-0 Manchester United!

At 39 minutes of the game, MATIONNA sent the left path. In the penalty area, Yaoxia-GoldenT Ball was thrown from the door.

At 444 minutes of the game, Fer Menia sent a triangle to a triangle at the bottom of the front, Saar takes a ball after the left area, the small angle was directly corrupted, 2-0!

In 50 minutes of the competition, Sang Qiao sent a Waterford of C Luo's Penalties, Vandelbeck, Manchester United 1-2 Waterford in front of the right road and penalty area.

In 69 minutes of the competition, Macques accidentally injured the ball accidentally.

In 76 minutes of competition, Sang Jo has changed to a penalty area, and the ball was slightly higher than the beam, where the C luo zhongwu headball became time.

90 + 2 minutes of competition, Maxia's back scene is broken by the opponent, Dennis was plugged into the right side of the penalty area of ​​4-1 after the ball.

The game is 90 + 5 minutes. Benforster was passed to the front field, and Dennis has a small angle for drawing a small angle, Manchester United 1-4 Waterford.

At the end of the game, Manchester United Airport 1-4 Lost Waterford.

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